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Ever since we started the beauty craze activated charcoal for teeth whitening, we have seen similar products enter the market, so now you may be asking yourself WHY CHOOSE WARPAINT? Well let me break it down for you :) 

    • We are the Original & the Best!

    • We have a premium unique formulation of 5 ALL natural ingredients  (not just repackaged charcoal) and each has their own list of oral health benefits

    • We are 100% Australian Sourced, Made & Owned 

    • We are the only product of this kind to be FDA Registered

    • We have sourced super fine Medical Grade Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal  which is non-abrasive non-irritating (will actually strengthen your enamel and is great for people with sensitive teeth)

    • We have been independently examined by Missouri Analytical Laboratories and confirmed to be completely safe for your enamel 

    • 1 jar = 150 uses (it'll last you ages!)

    • We received the Australian Toxic Free Certificate

    • As well as the Certificate of Compliancy from Safe Cosmetics Australia stating WARPAINT is 100% Made Safe

    • We are Australian Allergy Certified

    • Proudly vegan and not tested on animals #crueltyfree 

    • We have won several International Awards in the Beauty and Grooming categories, including Product of the Year in the Organic Beauty Awards in Sweden! 

    • We were featured on the Today Show as a Crazy Beauty Trend that ‘actually works’

    • Our resellers include Dentists, Health Food Stores, Vegan Shops, Beauty Salons 

    • You will buy with peace of mind knowing WARPAINT is quality you can trust!


    Still not sure??

    WARPAINT doesn't just whiten your teeth, it is your holistic alternative to complete oral health.

      • Safely whiten and polish your teeth

      • Promotes healthy gums

      • Detoxifies your mouth

      • Protects enamel

      • Freshens your breath

      • Reduces plaque

      • Great for sensitivity

      • Improves confidence as you flash your beautiful bright smile 😁 without any risk from harmful chemicals or additives.

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