The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

  1. Show yourself some love! Splurge on some flowers to brighten up your bedroom, and don’t forget the box (or block) of your favourite chocolate.

  2. Shout yourself that fancy coffee you try to deny yourself every morning on the way to work, it will taste even better with a pastry. 

  3. Netflix and (solo) chill - Binge watch your favourite TV Show or some of your favourite movies (but try to avoid the Romance category…) OR even better; have a movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush. Probably avoid the Titanic or the Notebook though. 

  4. Celebrate Galentine’s day - wine, pizza and fancy chocolates with your single friends. And maybe some Valentine’s day inspired shots (or even jello shots, if you have time)!

  5. Spa day - if your budget allows, go and spoil yourself with a massage or mani/pedi. If it doesn’t, grab a face mask from your chemist if you don’t already have one and soak in the bath with some bath salts and cucumber slices over your eyes - it will feel just as good as the real thing! And of course you will then need to brush your pearly whites with some Warpaint. Your skin will be glowing and your teeth sparkling. 

  6. Cook your dog (or cat) a Valentine’s day meal (you don’t have to tell anyone)!

  7. Throw on a cute sports bra and leggings and go for a run - and if you can, bring your dog along too. 

  8. Write yourself a letter to be opened on Valentine’s Day 2019. 

  9. Order take away (you can’t go wrong with a pizza and some gelato), and relish in the fact you don’t have to share it!

  10. Unplug for the day! If all the happy couple posts on Instagram get you down or tend to irritate you, unplug and avoid social media! It will also be good practice for trying to be less addicted to your phone… ;)


Enjoy. For all the singles out there, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself - go for it! 


Claudia Studdert


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